Saturday April 30, 2016

Former President Helps Kids Eat Healthy

Tweet Former President Bill Clinton is a vegan! After several heart attack scares, bypass surgery, and more stents put in his veins to keep them open, he was told to make drastic changes in his diet. Moderate changes were not enough. On the advice of Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esseltyn Jr., both world […]

False Health Claims On Cereal Boxes

Tweet A new study shows that consumers are misled by the false health claims on cereal boxes. The study by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University shows how consumers believe that certain cereals are more nutritious than they really are based on the health claims on the front of box […]


Tweet Want to get your kids eating healthy? Try not to dictate what to eat, rather offer a wide variety of healthy foods to empower your children to make good food choices. Here are nine proven approaches to guiding your kids food choices: • Be a role model. Kids will eat what you eat…eventually. They […]

Teach Kids Good Habits About Food

Tweet Focus On Health And Reduce Picky Eaters Good habits are the pillars to a good life. It is typical for parents to longed for the best for their kids—the best job, the best wife or husband, and the best health. In wanting the best for them, we should understand the need to start early. […]

You Are What You Are Eat

Tweet Do You Have Fuzzy Toddler Syndrome You’ve probably heard people saying “you are what you are eat”. What do these words really mean to parents with fussy toddlers? In this generation where kids are too tempted to believe those ads that a certain potato chip is what Barbie eats or a certain soda can […]

Breaking The Unhealthy Meal Habit About Kids Eating

Tweet Healthy Eating For Kids Takes Planning Parents of today’s generation have only one big similar complain once kids eating habits become an issue. Kids prefer eating unhealthy foods rather than the nutritious ones. No wonder fast foods, junk foods and lots of eating temptations have widely come into play on this generation. However, as […]

Why Kids Rather Eat Chocolate Over For Their Dinner?

Tweet Children Do Not See It As Junk Food Chocolate bar, truffles, tootsie rolls, chocolate milk, chocolate dough, chocolate cake, etc—it seems that kids can create a long list of words with “chocolate” and still got the power to love them all. It is a mystery why kids would rather feast on chocolate instead of […]

Parents Influence On Children’s Eating Habits

Tweet These Days Keeping Children Healthy Is A Battle For Moms Eat your greens— this is the most recurring words in a mom’s mouth. As part of being “good” parents, they feel that it is their duty to cook sumptuous and healthy meals each day. Part of this, they check to limit snacking and promote […]

Make Kids Eat Healthy Without The Fuss

Tweet Cook Real Food And Develop Healthy Kids Do you feel like you are trapped inside a cycle of forcing your kid to eat healthy foods each day? If there is one consolation here well that would be the fact that you are not alone. Most moms complain about their kids ignoring their broccoli salad […]

Easiest Way To Introduce A Healthy Diet For Kids

Tweet Stay Healthy And Prevent Childhood Obesity Since you do not want to become a monster in your kids’ eye by forcing them to “clean” their plates, then you may want to find out healthy foods that kids actually like. This way, healthy diet for kids is yours. Most parents tend to overlook these food […]