Thursday February 11, 2016

False Health Claims On Cereal Boxes

Tweet A new study shows that consumers are misled by the false health claims on cereal boxes. The study by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University shows how consumers believe that certain cereals are more nutritious than they really are based on the health claims on the front of box […]

Important Reminder About Children And Juice Consumption

Tweet Children and juice consumption has been on my mind lately due in part to a nutritional analysis I have been participating in for the last eight months. Through our school, we were hooked up with a nutritional student who followed what our youngest daughter ate and drank. The idea was to gather information about […]


Tweet Want to get your kids eating healthy? Try not to dictate what to eat, rather offer a wide variety of healthy foods to empower your children to make good food choices. Here are nine proven approaches to guiding your kids food choices: • Be a role model. Kids will eat what you eat…eventually. They […]

Low Fat Recipes For Kids

Tweet Parents Need To Do More For Their Kids Health While it is wrong to rely on low fat recipes all the time, it pays to know a little of these. Foods low in fat should not always have to taste bland. With modern-day nonstick pans, we are allowed to create delicious dishes without the […]

Diet Plans That Kids Would Love

Tweet Making Children Eat Healthy Getting our kids to eat the right kind of food indicated in prescribed diet plans can be among the most challenging aspects of parenthood. You see at some stage, they become hooked to a particular kind of food and they will want to have that all the time- yes, breakfast, […]

Balanced Diet For Picky Eaters

Tweet Your Child’s Healthy Eating Is Determined By You Because kids are fascinated with sweet and colorful food choices, you cannot expect them to like your carrot juice over a soda. This is a challenge for most moms. Hence, moms normally look around for ways to face this kind of worry. For most, they look […]

The Challenge Of A Healthy Diet For A Kid

Tweet Do you acknowledge that keeping up with a healthy diet for kid is a challenge? Possibly, you would resort on the internet each day just to find the perfect recipe that your kid will love but won’t damage his health as well. However, if you just gear yourself with the rules to uphold a […]

Why Organic Whole Foods For Children

Tweet Should you jump on the bandwagon over organic whole foods? Since we want the best for our kids, it is a must to ensure that we are giving them foods that will sustain proper nutrition. In view of this, it is only proper that we give them the freshest and organic foods we can […]

American Food Companies Reach Out To Promote Kids Health And Nutrition

Tweet As you grab a box of cereal in the market, have you ever wonder if food companies are merely focused on making money thus eradicating their obligation to instruct consumers, particularly children with proper nutrition? While the survival of their businesses is the main concern of these companies, some of them went an extra […]

The Road To Achieving Kid’s Proper Diet And Nutrition

Tweet Everyone seems to be battling with the troubles caused by obesity, but how about the underweight kids? Being underweight is likely as dangerous as being obese hence parents are advised to take vigilant courses to ensure that the right diet and nutrition is achieved. Fact is, you do not need to hire the service […]