Friday February 12, 2016

Former President Helps Kids Eat Healthy

Tweet Former President Bill Clinton is a vegan! After several heart attack scares, bypass surgery, and more stents put in his veins to keep them open, he was told to make drastic changes in his diet. Moderate changes were not enough. On the advice of Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esseltyn Jr., both world […]

False Health Claims On Cereal Boxes

Tweet A new study shows that consumers are misled by the false health claims on cereal boxes. The study by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University shows how consumers believe that certain cereals are more nutritious than they really are based on the health claims on the front of box […]

The Importance of Food Pyramid To Children’s Health

Tweet Healthy Food Ideas For Kids Are you a parent having a hard time on your kid’s eating habit? If you are, don’t just sit and tolerate him. Learn more about the food pyramid and discover its importance for your child’s entire health. As a parent, the food pyramid might not be new to your […]

How Can You Promote Your Kids Health

Tweet Much more than being a subject of insult all the time, childhood obesity can leave a fatal dent in the life of your child. A child weighing heavier than the usual is like a time bomb ready to explode anytime. It will allow your little bundle of joy to be exposed to illnesses and […]